What is the Difference between Auto Detailing or Wash?

Auto Detailing Vs. Washing

The difference between a car wash and a car detail?   The Details in what is done for your car.  The car wash process comes in many different ways – all sharing some of the same things. The basic car wash is the use of water and a chemical detergent to loosen and remove dirt and grime from the surface of a vehicle. Some car washes use a series of brushes and cloths, others use high pressure water, and some are variations of the home weekend driveway detail that we all know and love.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this act of washing a car is slowly scratching and scuffing your car’s paint. The dirt and grime that slowly settles and builds up on the surface of car is relatively benign – though unattractive, it just sits there. When washing, the dirt and grime adhere to the surface of the cloth, sponge, or wash mitt and acts like sandpaper – scratching the clear coat, making it dull and more susceptible to collecting dirt and grime.

Again, the car wash is just the beginning of the detail process. A quick swipe of your hand across a freshly washed surface quickly reveals that wash only removed the visible dirt and grime. Over time, environmental particulate matter such as sap, bugs, tar, mineral deposits and animal droppings can adhere and even embed into the clear coat surface. This embedded matter, though difficult to see, can have the same abrasive effect when the car is buffed or polished. Fortunately, auto detailers have a secret weapon in their arsenal to deal with these environmental contaminants – automotive clay.  We can take care of your car and make it look clean and shiny in Mission Valley.