Car Wash Correctly

The Best Tips to Keep Your Auto Paint Looking Great

car-wash-correctly1. Wash your car as often as you can. (Best to have it washed by a professional)
Believe it or not, you are not the only one who needs a bath. If you feel like taking a shower after being subjected to a day’s worth of dirt and grime, just imagine how your car must feel after taking you to the places you went to during the day.

Just make sure that you do this under a shade or else you will be subjecting your car to another dose of unnecessary sunlight.

Take care not to scratch your car while you are washing it, even if you have to deal with tough deposits like road tar, splattered bugs or dried out bird droppings. Make use of clay bar, so you can take away these harmful deposits without causing any damage.

2. Dry your car as you would yourself.

Never skip this part out. Do not make a habit out of driving your car immediately after a wash, without bothering to dry it out. This won’t do your car’s looks any good. Instead, take time to dry your car with a chamois cloth or a cotton rag so you can keep your car paint from being damaged by mineral residues that usually forms during water evaporation.

3. Your car needs polishing, too, so treat it to some waxing.

There is no better way to keep your car looking like brand new all the time than waxing. This won’t only protect your car paint from any natural and chemical pollutants, but it can also help in preventing damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Plus, waxing will also safeguard your car’s paint from pit damage as the sheen caused by the wax will keep grit and dirt from sticking to your car. Failure to wax your car can cause irreparable harm to its paint job.

Direct sunlight can scorch off your car paint just as heat from your car’s engine can stress the color on your hood. Despite all the elements that can affect the beauty of your car paint, you can still maintain its sheeny look with washing, thorough drying and waxing. Remember that even with your car, there is nothing that tender loving care could not prevent.

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