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Importance of Car Detailing

Importance of Car Detailing

by John Santa Maria of Steve’s Detailing

Car Detailing La Mesa California.

Car Detailing La Mesa California.

Car detailing is just as important as car mechanical maintenance. However, unlike car mechanical maintenance, the look and feel of your car is equally important since it reflects a lot about its value and how much you value it. The quality of car detailing on your car also sheds some light on the condition of the rest of the vehicle. Furthermore, car detailing goes beyond the enhancement of the appearance and quality of your vehicle. Most importantly, it keeps your automotive in its best possible condition, hence retaining more of its value. Therefore, when you go out shopping for car detailing services, you should first look for the specific services your car needs. Paint care; which includes paint less dent repair, headlights and taillights enhancement, window tinting and interior detailing are some of the basic services you should get from a full car detailing package.

Paint Care

Auto Paint Polishing

Auto Paint Polishing

Since the paint on a car is very delicate, professional car detailing experts usually work on it in several steps focused on cleaning, correcting, and protecting the surface of the paint. First, the car has to be washed and dried to get rid of grime and dirt. Then the vehicle is inspected and if any dents and dings are found, the vehicle will have to go through a paint less dent repair. This is only applicable if the dent or ding has not cracked or done any damage to the paint.

Next, is the application of clay bar which removes contaminants like metallic particles, dirt and tar from the clear coat of the paint. If there are swirl marks and fine scratches, the paint will be polished thoroughly, after which a wax sealing will be applied. This process not only makes the paint shine but also protects it.

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Exterior Trim, Headlights and Taillights

Headlight Restoration - Auto Detailing

Headlight Restoration – Auto Detailing

Most car detailing service providers will apply a polishing substance on the headlights and taillights with signs of oxidation. However, it is also important to seal them later with a special plastic sealant.

For the exterior trim, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dressed in a protective layer. This helps it to resist fading in color and cracks. For a full car detailing package, all plastics and rubber should be cleaned and polished.

Window Tinting

Windo Tinting Mission Valley California

Window Tinting Mission Valley California

Window tinting is an innovative way of making sure you and the car interior are protected from harmful rays and too much heat from the sun. Window tinting can screen out up to 99% of Ultra Violet rays which are harmful to your skin and health in general. Apart from being an excellent heat insulator, it also reduces glare throughout the lifetime of your automotive.

Since window tinting is meant to stay on the car for a lifetime, it is important that you shop around for the best quality window tinting services you can afford. You must insist on a durable tint that does not fade in color as time goes by. It should also be fitted in such a professional way that the contours are without gaps between the film and the edge of the window. Rounded corners and long straight edges should also be perfectly fitted. Remember that you also want a professional look on your vehicle, rather than just protection from UV rays. In case you are in doubt of the quality of the services you are offered with, you must insist on a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty which covers fading, peeling, and bubbling.

To achieve these high standards of window tinting, you should get car detailing experts who use the latest and advanced technology. Good examples are the internet-based systems used for paint protection and window tinting, which ensures that the tints are precisely trimmed.

For most window tinting jobs, you will be presented with a wide variety of colors, shades and patterns to choose from. Here, it is up to you to choose a window tinting film that will enhance the looks and protect your car.

Interior Detailing

Auto Detailing Interior

Auto Detailing Interior

Interior detailing involves the cleaning of the carpeting, seats and basically, most of the surfaces. The best way this is done is by either using the shampooing method or using a steam cleaner. Different cars have got different materials used to finish the interior. You can find carpeting, hard plastics, soft plastics, leather, fabrics, wood trims, vinyl, just mentioning a few. Depending on the interior of your vehicle, car detailing experts will use different substances, and techniques to do the interior detailing. Cleaning, dressing and conditioning are some of the basic tasks common to interior detailing. Regardless of what your interior is made of, or what substances and materials used to clean, a thorough interior detailing job is what matters.  Here is more information on auto detailing if you want to polish your skills.

In conclusion, whenever you are shopping around for car detailing services, you should look for providers with trained professionals who will help you keep your car looking new. You should look for a car detailing service provider offering paint care, headlights and taillights, window tinting and interior detailing as part of their full car detailing package. Paint care, being one of the most delicate tasks, should be done in several stages which include paint less dent repair. Second to paint care, headlights and taillights are the parts that really scream out the quality of your vehicle. The best quality window tinting job is achieved by using the latest technologies, and interior detailing of your car must be done thoroughly regardless of the materials inside. In addition to the latest technology, a serious car detailing professional will always use special tools, equipment and substances to enhance the looks, and add value and durability to your car.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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