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  • Car Wash Correctly

    Importance of Car Detailing

    Importance of Car Detailing by John Santa Maria of Steve’s Detailing Car detailing is just as important as car mechanical maintenance. However, unlike car mechanical maintenance, the look and feel of your car is equally important since it reflects a lot about its value […]

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  • Clean Interior Of Car

    Interior Auto Cleaning – Drive in Comfort San Diego

    Cleaning as Recommended from Consumer Reports Any auto parts store will have a variety of cleaners for different types of surfaces, including carpet, upholstery, leather, and plastic. But there is no need to buy specialty cleaners just for cars—household cleaners work fine. Be careful, however, […]

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  • Interior Car Cleaning

    Keeping the Value of Your Car With Interior Cleaning

    Start Clean by hiring an expert to clean the interior of your car. Seeing how nice it is to have a clean car interior in the first place will help motivate you to keep it that way.   Have a Trash Bag. There are products made specifically […]

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