Car Wash Services

Car Wash Services


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CAR HAND WASH: $25.00 cars/$35.00 SUVs

Professional Car Wash Services.

  • 100% Hand wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tires conditioned and shine
  • Thorough interior vacuum
  • Dash & door panels cleaned
  • Auto Windows cleaned

EXECUTIVE CAR WASH: $45.00 cars/$55.00 SUVs

  • Same services as hand wash
  • In addition:
  •  Floor mats shampooed
  • Dash & center console cleaned

CAR WASH & WAX:  $75.00 cars/$95.00 SUVs

  • Same services as hand wash
  • In addition: Application of hand wax

CAR INTERIOR DETAIL:   $95-$125 cars/$150.00 SUVs

  • Thorough interior vacuum
  • Steam clean carpets, floor mats, upholstery cleaned
  • Clean dash, door panels, center console
  • Vinyl & leather conditioner
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