Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing


Auto Detailing services in Mission Valley California Since 1986! 

Steve’s Detailing has been providing auto detailing in Mission Valley San Diego since 1986!  Our auto detailing techs have the experience for all types of cars, trucks and vans.  We also provide auto detailing services for high end cars including Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, Maserati, BMW, AUDI, Lexus, and more!  You can trust your car with Steve’s Detailing of Mission Valley!   We treat all cloth by vacuuming, scrubbing, extracting, and any other professional means necessary to remove stains and other dirt.  All of the dash, door panels, headliner, center console, windows, compartments and vents are rigorously cleaned to ensure every nook cleaned to our final inspection.  All the auto wax we use is safe for all car paint types that will protect your paint for years to come.  Our auto detailing products including leather cleaners, window cleaners, and interior cleaners are also safe and will protect your vehicle.  We take pride in our work and hope to keep you as a client for years to come!

AUTO DETAIL SERVICES    $195.00 cars/$225.00 SUVs


Auto Detailing Mission Valley

(Best service for first-time cleaning)

Exterior Auto Detailing Services Include:

  • Car meticulously washed
  • Clay paint
  • Machine polish paint
  • Apply carnauba wax or clay bar wax
  • Polish wheels
  • Tire conditioner
  • Door jams
  • fuel door
  • Trim treated with exterior dressing
  • Windows exterior
  • Clean and polish exhaust tips
  • Polish wheels and chrome bumpers

Interior Auto Detailing Services Include:

  • Thorough vacuum vehicle interior
  • Steam clean carpets, floor mats, upholstery
  • Clean & condition leather seats
  • Clean dash, door panels, center console, and vents.
  • Windows cleaned
  • Gauges
  • Knobs, switches, and Dials
  • Vents and Louvers
  • Mirrors
  • Seat belts
  • Steering Column
  • Door handles
  • Consoles
  • Head liner
  • Seat tracks
  • Keys and Fobs

MINI AUTO DETAILING    $95.00 cars/$125.00 SUVscar-detailing-mission-valley-san-diego

(Best service for touch-up )

Exterior Car Detailing Services:

  • Thorough hand wash
  • Application of hand wax or clay bar wax
  • Wheels cleaned with wheel cleaner
  • Tires conditioned for shine

Interior Car Detailing Services:

  • Seats cleaned
  • upholstery cleaned
  • car mats vacuumed and cleaned
  • Windows cleaned.

For more information on our professional auto detailing services give us a call direct at (619) 295-9922

Examples of Our Auto Detailing


High End Auto Detailing IMG_0254 IMG_0260 IMG_0350. IMG_0359. IMG_0362. IMG_0363. IMG_4230 Truck DetailingIMG_4217IMG_0348.


Our services are for all types of cars including the high end beauties.  You can trust Steve’s Detailing with your car for all your detailing needs.  We are Mission Valley’s Auto Detailing Center!

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