Additional Services

Additional Services



Removes surface contaminants

Clay Bar Auto Wax

Clay Bar Auto Wax

Clay bar wax removes surface contaminants on your vehicles paint surface.  These contaminates can be from brake dust, industrial fallout, or just particles in the air from driving on the freeway.  Claying pulls out foreign particles that have embedded themselves in the paint.

WINDOW TINTING: $285.00 cars  $325.00 SUVs

Full vehicle tint

Auto tint before and after

Auto tint before and after

PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL $125.00 per panel

1 panel=1 door, fender, quarter panel, etc.


Small dents can quickly be repaired by our experts.  We can usually get door dings, and small dents out of doors and other areas within hours.


WINDSHIELD REPAIR $65.00 per crack

Windshield Crack Repair Service

Windshield Crack Repair Service

Have a crack on your car windshield?  We can fix it!  We offer complete windshield repair services for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s.



Scratch repair, paint to match

Steve’s Detailing provides full bumper repair services for your car, truck, van, or SUV!  If you have a crack in the paint or small dent, our dent repair experts can handle to job!


INTERIOR REPAIR  $95.00-125.00

Repair blemish to leather, dash, or panels

Car Leather Seat Repair

Car Leather Seat Repair

If your leather seats are worn out, torn, or dull, give Steve’s Auto Detailing a call!  We provide full interior repair services for all types of interior.



Removes haze and yellowing


Before and After Headlight Restoration Example.

Over time your headlight shields can dull due to air contaminants and sun damage.  Having your headlights restored can bring your car back to its great looking self again!  The pros at Steve’s Detailing can have your car headlights restored in no time!

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