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4 Tips on Getting A Quality Paint Job

   4 Tips on Getting A Quality Paint Job

After an auto body repair has been done on your car, you are left with an ugly looking locomotive that needs to be painted. A professionally done paint job is most desirable in restoring the beauty of your car. To get a quality paint job, there are essential tips, procedures, and techniques that you should use. You should know the exact color of the car, and how to blend in the color you are painting, you should thoroughly prepare the surface, mask the areas of the car that do not need painting to avoid over-spray, use a spraying technique that moves from top to bottom, applying several thin layers rather than one thick coat, and allowing the paint to cure between each coat are some of the ways to get the that professionally looking paint job.

The Color Code

Car Paint Codes

Car Paint Codes

 It may sound easy, but it is tricky to find the correct color for your car. You need t o have some basic facts relating to auto paint colors. You can get the correct color you need using the vehicle’s color code. This code is usually stamped on the car. You can find it either on the glove compartment, by the door, or under the hood depending on the make and model of your car. You may use this code to get any variant of the color that you want from the manufacturer. Color variants usually provide you with subtle changes on the color. When choosing your color variants, it is important to keep in mind that lighter colors do not expose flaws on a car body as much as dark colors do.


Surface Preparation

Paint Surface Preparation

Paint Surface Preparation

  Surface preparation is an essential task that should be done before you can do any other painting related task. You should wash the area to be painted before sanding it. When sanding you must start with a low grit sandpaper like the 90 or 325 grit pieces. Take your time and do a good wet sanding with a 1000 or higher grit paper. Keep in mind that the success and easiness of the whole paint job depend on a well-done surface preparation.  Here is a great article on different techniques for auto painting.

Avoiding Over-spray 

Avoiding Paint Overspray

Avoiding Paint Over spray

    One of the most important single jobs in an auto body painting is masking. It helps to avoid any over-spray and protect areas that do not need painting. When masking the area you do not need to paint, remember to seal all the joints between the body panels. This prevents the sprayed paint from getting inside them. Alternatively, you can attempt to disassemble parts of the car that you want to paint, especially if you want to paint the bumper, the door, or any other part that can easily be removed. When masking an area, a painter’s grade masking tape is most appropriate as it will not interfere   with the finish of the car.

Move from top to bottom –

Car Painting Correct Techniques

Car Painting Correct Techniques

When you are using a spraying gun, you must start working from the top moving downwards. This way, you will get a light even painting and prevent the paint from flowing, causing painting defects. To prevent cuddling in some areas, be sure you press on the trigger a few inches before you reach the area to be painted. Ensure that you use an appropriate color blending technique and as you paint, never work in a hurry. You need to get an even thin layer of paint to avoid paint build up and paint runs. Hold the nozzle at about 10 to 12 inches from the painting area and spray slowly and evenly. Once you have finished the first layer, allow it to cure well before you can start applying the second coat.

A well-done paint job really stands out and is durable. It takes time and effort to do all theses but the result is worth more than just a layer of color. You began by getting the correct color, preparing the surface, masking the areas that do not need painting, and painting using the top to bottom technique.   Sometimes you may find it hard to get the color code that you need to choose your color.  In such a case, you can use a special camera to take a snapshot and run it through a database to identify the correct color code. Before you begin your painting, keep in mind that nothing produces a better paint job than a well-done surface preparation. As you are applying the paint, prevent the over-spray by masking all the areas that do not need to be painted, or disassembling the part that you want to work on like the door or the bumper. Spraying the paint from top to bottom prevents the paint from cluttering and overflowing.

Here’s a great video on Proper Auto Paint Techniques

All these tips, procedures, and techniques are meant to make you a better auto body repair painter or an informed car owner who knows what should be done to get a perfect paint job. Remember that these are skills to be learned and perfected over a period of time. So do not get mad at yourself if you do not get it right the first time.   If you have any questions please leave a comment or give Steves Detailing a call!


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